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Slim X is a herbal formulation made specially to increase the metabolism and remove the toxins in the body. This is a very strong and effective ayurvedic powder it detoxifies the body and softens the belly fat. You can expect 2-6 Kg reduction in excess

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Ans. Continue to the day you are satisfied with your self then slowly reduce the intake of medicine, follow a healthy diet and exercise, be happy
Ans. Intake before workout prior 15-20 mins with warm water or nimbu paani
Ans. Brilliant product, you can expect 2-5 kgs of reduction of weight in a month, no side effects, no stretch marks, loose weight in a healthy manner, excercise of 20 mins is must, it softens the fats you can easily loose with little effort. Thanks for purchasing
Ans. Yes it can be used by senior cititzen, things to keep in mind; consume after food, consume after taking all other medicines of other diseases min 20mins gap, rest well a good sleep. :)


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